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For us cycling is more than a sport, its a lifestyle. One we hope to promote, inspire and nurture the love for in others. Our founder Matt was born in the highlands of Scotland, always loved the outdoors, spending many days growing up in those dramatic rugged landscapes, learning the stories about the people who inhabit them and inspiring others to visit and marvel in them too. He quickly found cycling and fell in love with it's simple sense of liberating freedom, exploration, discovery, camaraderie and adventure all rolled into one. The mountains became his playground and the bike the tool on which to discover them.


Life shifted when he moved from the highlands to study and pursue a career in medicine, a dream come true. Both empowering and restricting this career has taught him more about life than he could have ever imagined but he also learned that much of what shapes us are the experiences around us. Realising how important his own experiences of growing up were to his health and sense of wellbeing, he realised he wanted to nurture what he had found, share it with others, inspire their own journeys and in doing so promote a healthier balance in life.



A picture tells a thousands words. Through photography Matt really begin to capture peoples imagination. He realised that through his passion for cycling, love of the highlands and ability to capture memories he would be able to inspire others to do the same and consequently promote health and wellbeing through undertaking these pursuits. Thus Mountain Higher was born  and here we hope to learn, teach, share and inspire you to discover your own adventures, capture your own memories and write your own stories. In doing so we hope you find your own meaning, purpose and balance to life, as Matt has.

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